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The perception of emotional expressions in incarcerated youth.
Effects of emotional experience in abstract and concrete word processing
Examining a visuospatial/visuomotor training program as an intervention to induce cognitive improvement during acute post-stroke recovery.
Adherence to the step-wise interview protocol by trained RCMP investigators during forensic sexual abuse interviews with children
Self-reflective identity processing and psychological maturity: Examining the link between identity and wisdom.
The role of knowledge gained through bodily experience in the processing of insults.
Self-perception of affect expression.
Text generation processes in the development of written cohesion: The contribution of semantics and syntax.
Spelling: Processes and strategies in print and computer formats.
Identity development in men and its relation to psychosocial distress and self-concept
Identity processing style and sex-role identity predict attachment style and psychosocial balance.
Aboriginal students success in university
"Locker room talk":  the impact of men degrading women to other men
Social competence: Cardiovascular activity and humor as mediating mechanisms.