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Wetland ecological risk assessment and management
Systematic conservation planning in the Wild Harts Study Area
Multi-layer perceptron - markov chain based geospatial analysis of land use and land cover change
Hydro-climatological Trend Analysis and Influences on the Discharge in the Elk River Watershed, Southeast British Columbia
Spatial and trophic biomonitoring of trace metals in aquatic environments following the Mt. Polley Mine tailings spill
The movement of marine-derived nutrients from a salmon spawning river to a nursery lake
Growth release and carbon storage of residual live trees in a mountain pine beetle (MPB) attacked lodgepole pine stand in northern British Columbia
Remediation of  oil-based drill cuttings using low-temperature thermal desorption
Forecasting spring freshet events in the Kiskatinaw River basin, British Columbia
A high-resolution snow distribution on alpine catchments over Southern Columbia mountains
Sediment-associated contaminant transport and storage dynamics in the Quesnel River from the Mount Polley Mine disaster
Exploring Indigenous-led collaborative stewardship in a watershed context
Bioremediation of drill cuttings and petroleum-contaminated soil using biosurfactant-enhanced soil washing, biostimulation, and bioaugmentation
Examination of long-term soil development and phosphorus dynamics in a hypermaritime chronosequence, Calvert Island, British Columbia, Canada
Arsenic adsorption in aqueous solution and immobilization in soils and using hand warmers
Wind climatology of Quesnel Lake, British Columbia