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Amplifying voices of development: Insights from Indigenous Maya leaders of El Quiche, Guatemala.
Economic restructuring gender and grassroots development in Mexico
The meaning of reconciliation and development in post-genocide Rwanda.
Grassroots development in El Salvador
Food security in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of food aid and trade liberalization
The demise of the corporatist experiment in South Africa.
Global to local:  International conferences and environmental education in the People's Republic of China.
Do protected areas support cultural survival?: examining the characteristics of modern protected areas
Microfinance and micro-enterprises: A study of the Kudumbashree Program in Kerala, India.
Assessing Pro-Poor Tourism principles in practice:  Ethnic tourism in northern Thailand and Lao PDR.
Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations hypothesis: challenges from Amartya Sen and the Western South Asian post-immigrant experience
Diasporas, remittances and economic development: A case study of the Bardejov region in Slovakia.
The Canada-United States softwood lumber dispute:  A look at the state of certain economic and political indicators and their relationship to the outcome of disputes.
The impact of China's WTO membership on its trade via Hong Kong
Japan, Canada, and the U.S. ballistic missile defense program: A comparative analysis of middle-power relations with a superpower.
Turkey's membership in the European Union?: past, present & future
The impact of parental death and socioeconomic factors on children in sub-Saharan Africa.