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Singing to remember, singing to heal: Ts'msyen music in public schools.
Go to the river: Understanding and experiencing the Liard watershed.
Perspectives of the influence of stigma on care-seeking behavior among ethnic Russians living with HIV/AIDS in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia
Representations of community in Toni Morrison's fiction
Examining integration of refugees in multicultural Ireland: policy, advocacy and lived experience
Smoke on the water: uncovering a socially complex pre-contact Babine fishing village at Nass Glee (GISQ-4)
Perspectives on the organization of lithic technology at the Punchaw Lake site---FiRs-1.
Poems of the promised land: women's stories in the King James Old Testament
Stories we tell about "others"
Beyond 'La baguette et le fromage': Studying minority francophone culture and community in western Canada.
Human trafficking: an examination of available services and support in Prince George, B.C.
Mujeres autorizadas: Women's empowerment programs as a form of community development in Guatemala.
Lymph node vascular plasticity during Herpes Simplex Virus Type II infection.
Planning utopia:  Control over women and nature in Mary Shelley's "The Last Man", William Morris's "News from Nowhere" and M. P. Shiel's "The Purple Cloud".
Landscape and collective memory in post-conflict Ayacucho, Peru
Characterization of methylmercury demethylation in the central nervous system.
The Iroquois
Gypsies and Jews: George Eliot's use of "race" in "The Spanish Gypsy" and "Daniel Deronda".
Spirituality and mixed-blood identity: a comparative study of Miguel Angel Asturias and Leslie Marmon Silko
Sharing stories: Marginalized women's experience with depression.