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An Aboriginal approach: what teachers need to know in public education
First Nations women carvers:  Celebrating creation and creativity.
Whispering the circle back: Participating in the oral transmission of knowledge.
Gitxsan storytelling: the breath of our grandfathers
Strength and resiliency in the narratives of Margaret Gagnon.
Intercultural sharing and learning: providing space for youth's voices
Justice and healing for victims of sexual abuse in Canadian Indian residential schools.
Anlagasimdeex : the history of a Gitxsan settlement
How I learned the language: The pedagogical structure of the Taltan language.
Understanding conceptions of land tenure in the Lake Babine Nation.
Four Lheidli T'enneh families' experiences and expectations of public education
Nihl Adagwiy T'gun Adaawaks GalksiGabin (Here Is the Story of GalksiGabin): A modern auto-ethnography of a Nisga'a man.
What do Inuit drawings mean to Nisga'a children?
Gyetim Gan: faces in the forest
Don't call me crazy: Re-envisioning mental health services for Aboriginal peoples in Prince George.
Community-based knowledge capture: Tsay Keh Dene develop an online archival system
Art, identity and culture: The politicization of contemporary Northwest Coast First Nations art.
Stellakoh talook: the importance of salmon to Stellat'en
Native hip hop: coyote recreates story and song