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Regional displacement matching scheme for LBP based face recognition.
Experimental study of multi-level regional voting scheme and its application in human face recognition.
A software framework for simulation studies of interaction models in agent teamwork.
Inverse scale invariant feature transform models for object recognition and image tagging.
A neural network model of the primary visual cortex.
A flexible simulation framework for processor scheduling algorithms in multicore systems.
A microworld model for multiagent computer-aided process planning.
A hybrid approach for FAQ retrieval tasks
Ergodic Flocking of Swarm Robots
A framework to study the performance of the group mutual exclusion algorithms
Improving Sonar Sensor Fidelity in a Robot Simulator.
An adaptive load sensing priority assignment protocol for distributed real-time database systems.
A security architecture for IPv6 enabled wireless medical sensor networks.
Neighbouring proximity
Distribution of defects in a large software system
Generation and analysis of realistic mobility models for mobile ad hoc networks.
Sentence encoders for semantic textual similarity
A mutual assistance protocol for agent teamwork.