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Voices and visions: Transformative creativity in a northern context.
Journeys of disorientation & dislocation: Women/invisible dis/ability in and out of social work. A transdisciplinary exploration.
Storying youth's experiences of coerced or voluntary residential substance abuse treatment: A narrative research project.
How siblings, raised in abusive or neglectful homes, are treated similarly or differently: An exploration by Northern social workers.
Rainbow families: Cross-cultural adoption and the best interests of the child.
Northern social work:  How are northern social workers creative?
Wild epiphany: Turning youth care inside out.
Routes to transcendence: Disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-injury in young women.
ARTivism: Gender and artistic expression at AWAC.
Exploring Casma Valley geographical kinship: Mapping the landscape of identity.
'Wwoofing' BC: An autoethnography.
Canadian-born Sikh daughters: Experiencing life through a mixture of cultural influences.
Beyond the horizon: The Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS in western Canadian communities.
Transition houses:  Safety, security, and compassion.
Cultural studies: The silenced or courageously loud sister of social work.
Adults Living with Type 1 Diabetes, Reflections of their Youth: A Phenomenological Study.
Honouring strength:  Overcoming addiction identities.