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Building a corporate sponsorship plan for a nonprofit arts organization: Prince George Folkfest Society
Leadership development program: a survey on perceived program success, employment satisfaction, and intent to stay
The influence of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathic personality traits on leader's preferences in followers
BID Group of Companies: selecting a strategic location for expansion to the south eastern United States
The construction of employee competency developmental plans for a private residential youth care facility
Crossing the THz gap: marketing strategy for a new technology
Managing the demographic shift: retention and recruitment of the public servant
Self-actualization and individuation: some thoughts on organizational spirituality in relation to high performing workplace cultures
Conflict, styles of conflict resolution, stress and job satisfaction amongst veterinary healthcare workers in clinical settings
Spiritual values in leadership and the effects on organizational performance: a literature review
Defining culture in government: subcultures within the BC Ministry of Environment
Views of Generation X and Y in public accounting firms: job satisfaction, commitment and intention to remain
 You can't fix what you don't see: a case study of unprofessional behaviour in the workplace
Leadership: a First Nations perspective
Recruitment and retention of medical physicians in northern rural communities
Evaluating the Communication Champion experience: developing communication pathways in a hierarchical organization
Assessing the efficacy of Northern Health's Respect in the Workplace program
Factors that relate to job satisfaction in Canadian universities: an evaluation of professional and managerial staff relative to the University of Northern British Columbia's Exempt Employee Group
Intrinsic motivation at University of Northern British Columbia's Information Technology department: a practical guide for IT managers