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Leadership-Followership-Learning Organization project
I learn best when surrounded by nature, dogs, and hippies lessons learned from a northern alternative school: an ethnographic study
The epidemiology and health services utilization of spinal cord injury in British Columbia seniors.
Utilization of resources by parents of children with type 1 diabetes mellitus in the Prince George area.
Assessment of perceived functional capacity: Using Rasch analysis to evaluate the measurement properties of four perceived pain & disability scales.
Self-presentation in the online dating environment.
The validity of DIBELS as an indicator of early literacy achievement.
Assessing openness to counselling referrrals and exploring patients' reports of who helps in the management of Fibromyalgia.
Perceptions of the 2009 impact of curriculum implementation on teaching practices of social studies 12 teachers in Northwest Alberta.
Cutually sensitive acquaintance rape prevention program for Japanese female students in North America
Student use of technology today: helping plan the school of tomorrow
Intermarriages of Filipino immigrant women in Prince George
Impact of general practitioner payment scheme on health care system in avoidable hospitalization for ambulatory care sensitive conditions.
Intercultural competence of Chinese postsecondary students in Canada