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Women's perceptions of helpful and hindering incidents in coping with sexual harassment.
Women in midlife: experiences of the mind and body movement of Nia.
'He said he loved me. I wanted to be loved': Young women's experiences of coping with violence in intimate relationships.
The experience of hope for domestic violence support workers.
An exploration of young adult women's experiences of using physical aggression in intimate relationships: A phenomenological study.
Teaching counselling ethics: a resource book
A manual of best practice for counsellors working with adolescents who self-injure
Daily experiences of parenting a child with suspected FASD and the applicability of a psycho-educational group.
Integrated case management : a preliminary study to determine what helps and what hinders - the parent perspective
A course in cross-cultural counselling for central and northern British Columbia
Using dialectical behaviour therapy to treat clients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
Helping transgendered clients: a workshop