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Perceptions of the 2009 impact of curriculum implementation on teaching practices of social studies 12 teachers in Northwest Alberta.
Experiencing amphibians: Instruction for biophilia, ecoliteracy, and sustainability.
Prior learning assessment at Northwest Community College: current status and future directions
An evaluation of the supplemental instruction program implemented in a first-year calculus course.
School-based evidence for the validity of curriculum-based measurement norms in School District #57
Intermarriages of Filipino immigrant women in Prince George
Differentiated math problem solving in the context of personalized literature
The use of narrative therapy in counselling bridging participants
Goals and hope in adolescent at-risk high school students.
Gender and relative-age differences in math fluency using curriculum-based measurement.
Locus of control and overt aggression in secondary school students
Self-presentation in the online dating environment.
I learn best when surrounded by nature, dogs, and hippies lessons learned from a northern alternative school: an ethnographic study
Exploring parental engagement at a Yukon high school