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Perceptions of the 2009 impact of curriculum implementation on teaching practices of social studies 12 teachers in Northwest Alberta.
Student use of technology today: helping plan the school of tomorrow
Intermarriages of Filipino immigrant women in Prince George
Identity drum: an indigenous framework exploring identity loss, discovery and recovery through autoethnography
School-based evidence for the validity of curriculum-based measurement norms in School District #57
Locus of control and overt aggression in secondary school students
Exploring parental engagement at a Yukon high school
The validity of DIBELS as an indicator of early literacy achievement.
"Pick Me, Pick Me, I Want to Be a Counsellor": Assessment of a MEd-Counselling Application Selection Process using Rasch Analysis and Generalizability Theory.
Goals and hope in adolescent at-risk high school students.
Experiencing amphibians: Instruction for biophilia, ecoliteracy, and sustainability.
Intercultural competence of Chinese postsecondary students in Canada