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 Small to medium private enterprise: aligning shareholder, director and manager interests
Succession planning and exit strategy: creating a feasibile exit strategy for Northern Printers & Stationers
Business planning for a small firm's success: Northern Catski adventures
The experiential knowledge transfer gap: a cause of skills shortage
Exploring a carbon strategy for a public forest products company in Canada
Governance and administration in Canadian universities
Community engagement with the 2015 Canada Winter Games: development of a strategic volunteer engagement plan
Examining business model innovation through a case study of a firm
The benefits for Canadian businesses to outsource e-invoicing to a managed service provider a website revitalization
 A strategic analysis of factors affecting the establishment of wood charcoal production in central British Columbia
Breaking down barriers: towards the development of a low-cost community dental clinic in Prince George, British Columbia
UNBC English language studies: strategic management plan for sustainable growth
Category management: theory and implementation in an organization
A case study on containerization for a pulp mill in northern BC
Paper recycling opportunities at Northern Health
Exploring economic development and business strategy: considerations for economic development officers in rural Canadian resource-based communities
Granisle British Columbia: a feasibility study to convert the community from propane to natural gas
Development of a strategic analysis tool for determining the most suitable location for the expansion of a manufacturing facility