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Characterizing the CRD-BP-RNA interaction in-vitro and in cells.
Study of mechanisms of methylmercury neurotoxicity and association with Parkinson's disease
British Columbian wild mushrooms as potent source of novel natural anti-cancer compounds
Characterizing the endoribonuclease activity of APE1.
Molecular characterization of the coding region determinant-binding protein interaction with KRAS oncogene mRNA
Assessing the role of Syntaxin18 in controlling c-myc  mRNA expression and growth in human breast cancer cells.
Investigating the Cellular Localization of APE1.
Investigating the effects of expressing APE1 human population variants in cellular systems.
Expression, purification and evaluation of recombinant human Syntaxin 18 as an endoribonuclease.
Towards identifying New Human Ribonucleases that Cleave microRNA Using a High-Throughput Method.
Purification, identification and characterization of mammalian endoribonucleases that degrade c-myc mRNA in vitro.
Assessing Rattus norvegicus recombinant syntaxin 18 for endonucleolytic function.
Biochemical and cellular characterization of the coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP)-mRNA interaction.