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All Roads Lead to Queen Charlotte City
Map of the central section of British Columbia :  shewing the country served by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Ancient Warriors of the North Pacific: The Haidas, their Laws, Customs and Legends
Pacific Coast Tribes
Wrigley's Prince Rupert and Stewart City Directory
Geology of Graham Island, British Columbia
Map of Prince Rupert, British Columbia : section no. 8.
Status of Sustained-Yield Forestry Programme as at 31 December 1962
Pre-emptor's map of Prince Rupert.
Map of British Columbia reduced from the original map by Mr. Alfred Waddington
Advanced Copy of a Map of the Queen Charlotte Islands
Map of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
Sketches of Harbours, Queen Charlotte Islands, 1878
Prince Rupert, British Columbia: Canada's Most Westerly Terminus
Ethnological Map of the Province of British Columbia
Princess  Lines
In Great Waters: The Story of the United Church Marine Missions
Northern British Columbia