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The Development of the Spruce-Balsam Type in the Aleza Lake Experimental Forest
Fort George Heights Plan of Subdivision of East 3/4 of D.L. 4377, Cariboo
Preliminary plan showing travelled route of the Bedaux sub-arctic exploration
Fort George (Pre-emptor's Series)
Map of the northern interior of British Columbia : shewing undeveloped areas
Canada Hotel, George Street and Second Avenue, Prince George, B.C.
Plan of Prince George, British Columbia
Voyages from Montreal
Plan of Carney Addition in the Heart of Fort George
Central British Columbia
Map of the northern interior of British Columbia
Pre-emptor's map Tete Jaune sheet
Plan of Subdivision of Lot 3050, Cariboo District, B.C.
[Monkman P.S.Y.U., T.F.L. 30, and area]
Townsite of Fort George
Notes Concerning Locations and Dialects of "Chil-koh-tin", Carrier, "Sekanais"’ and "Nah-anes"
Corless Funeral Record and Ledger