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Map of permanent Growth and Yield Samples, Aleza Forest Reserve
Northwood Pulp & Timber Limited 1975 Operating Areas
Map of the central section of British Columbia :  shewing the country served by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Pre-emptor's Series: Stuart Lake
Aleza Lake Experiment Forest - Map No. 1
Plan of Prince George, British Columbia on Main Line of Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Status of Sustained-Yield Forestry Programme as at 31 December 1962
Preemptor's Map Fort George, Quesnel Sheet
The Aleza Lake Forest Experiment Station: A Brief Statement of its Purpose and Development
Fort George District Map, 1912
Brief Historical Account of the Romance of British Columbia
Map of British Columbia reduced from the original map by Mr. Alfred Waddington
Northern Interior Forest Experiment Station: Report of Preliminary Investigations
Regeneration and Growth of White Spruce After Logging
Pre-emptor's map Tete Jaune sheet
[Monkman P.S.Y.U. forest cover map]
Mackenzie and his Voyageurs: By Canoe to the Arctic and the Pacific, 1789-93
Aleza Lake Experiment Forest - Map No. 2