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Map of the northern interior of British Columbia : shewing undeveloped areas
Voyages from Montreal
Veins & Placer Mines of Sugar Creek, Hardscrabble, Slough Creek, Nelson Creek, Willow River and Dragon Creek
Central British Columbia
Map of the northern interior of British Columbia
Trail's View Lodge: Cisco, B.C.
Placer Mines of Antler Creek in Cariboo District, B.C.
Notes Concerning Locations and Dialects of "Chil-koh-tin", Carrier, "Sekanais"’ and "Nah-anes"
Jade in British Columbia and Alaska, and its use by the natives
Map of British Columbia
Map of Placer Mines & Quartz Veins in the Vicinity of Williams Creek, Cariboo District, B.C.
Report on the Stanley Area, Cariboo Mining District
Barkerville Gold Belt, Cariboo District, British Columbia
Alkatcho Carrier of British Columbia
Placer Mines of Cunningham Creek
To Cariboo and Back
Preliminary report on field notes in Cariboo District, B.C., 1885