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Map of the central section of British Columbia :  shewing the country served by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Quartz Veins & Placer Diggings in the Vicinity of Grouse Creek, Cariboo District, British Columbia
Status of Sustained-Yield Forestry Programme as at 31 December 1962
Brief Historical Account of the Romance of British Columbia
Map of British Columbia reduced from the original map by Mr. Alfred Waddington
Cariboo Amalgamated Gold Mines Limited
Map of Placer Mines and Quartz Locations in the Vicinity of Williams Creek, Cariboo District, B.C.
Chronicles of the Cariboo: Dunlevy's Discovery of Gold on the Horsefly
Museum and Art Notes
Ethnological Map of the Province of British Columbia
Cariboo Trail: A Chronicle of the Gold-Fields of British Columbia
Map of Placer Mines & Quartz Veins in the Vicinity of Lightning Creek
Quartz Veins & Placer Mines of Little Snowshoe and Keithley Creeks, Cariboo District, British Columbia
Report on the Engineering and Economic Features of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway
Map of the northern interior of British Columbia : shewing undeveloped areas
Voyages from Montreal
Veins & Placer Mines of Sugar Creek, Hardscrabble, Slough Creek, Nelson Creek, Willow River and Dragon Creek