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Building Interdisciplinary Research Capacity: a Key Challenge for Ecological Approaches in Public Health
Change and innovation at the Canada School: an investigation into the antecedents of organizational ambidexterity
Animals are People Too: An Ecocritical Exploration of Fantasy in Environmental Children's Literature
The long-term relational impacts of child sexual abuse by a parent
Embedding programming languages: Prolog in Haskell
The contribution of wild food experiences to sense of place in McBride, British Columbia
Hydro-climatological Trend Analysis and Influences on the Discharge in the Elk River Watershed, Southeast British Columbia
Trade-offs in the early development of tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor): offspring characteristics, offspring quality, and parental care
Guided reading: a manual for grade 1 educators
Off track to 2050?: a study of present and future interurban transportation emissions in British Columbia, Canada, relative to its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act of 2007
Prediction of national mathematics and science achievement by socioeconomic and health factors with a focus on Ghana
Sexual abuse intervention program: healing through art and play
Sign it, say it, read it: the effectiveness of American sign language as a supplement to reading instruction for children with Down syndrome
Web of culture: critically assessing and building culturally relevant online mental health resources for aboriginal youth in northern BC
Farmland protection in British Columbia: an evaluation of the Agricultural Land Commission's application process and its impact on long-range agricultural land use planning
Improving assessment of perinatal depression in adolescents: an integrative literature review
Highways and lifeways: Highway 11 and the shaping of the ways of life and senses of place of nature-based tourism operators in South-Central Almaguin, Ontario, Canada
"Physically We are a Mighty Nation, Nationally We are Children" - Conscription and Identity in Canada, 1940-1945
Women's Experiences of laws, policies and practices in response to VAWIR: whose rights are maintained?
Spaces for interpretation: story telling in autobiographical fiction and visual art