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Exploring Ecosystems and Health by Shifting to a Regional Focus: Perspectives from the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter
How I learned the language: The pedagogical structure of the Taltan language.
Seven white practitioners: how do they understand and work with Aboriginal trauma?
Strong Along-Channel Winds on the Coast of British Columbia: Synoptic Climatology and Case Studies.
Leadership-Followership-Learning Organization project
Investigating the coding region determinant binding protein-RNA interaction in vitro, in cells and in silico.
Teacher reflective planner: implementing project based learning in the high school classroom
On the dualisabilty of finite {0, 1 }-valued unary algebras with zero.
Local scour around bridge abutments under ice covered conditions.
Counselling: the working relationship between clergy and social workers in northern British Columbia
Building resilience in the agricultural sector of the Omineca: Assessing barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivars response to water stress and cultural practices of northern producers.
Intergenerational knowledge transmission from aboriginal female elders to youth regarding preventative and self-care knowledge of urinary tract infections in Prince George, BC.
Habitat use and selection by male and female moose  (Alces alces) in a boreal landscape.
Building a corporate sponsorship plan for a nonprofit arts organization: Prince George Folkfest Society
Andrew: a response to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's Venus in furs
The removal of Cr (III) from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents by biosorbents from wood
Understanding stunting in Peruvian children: A multilevel analysis.
Sensitivity of western redcedar to climate and western hemlock looper in British Columbia's inland temperate rainforest.
Trends and elevational dependence of the hydroclimatology of the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia.
Groundwater -- surface water interaction under the effects of climate and land use changes.