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Exploring Ecosystems and Health by Shifting to a Regional Focus: Perspectives from the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter
Determination of density and moisture content of wood using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy.
The inflation and economic growth nexus in Gabon, Kenya, and South Africa: an empirical analysis, 1961-2012
Characterizing the social-ecological importance of coastal marine locations: integrative challenges, insights and solutions from the Pacific north coast of British Columbia
Simulating past and future mass balance of Place Glacier using a physically-based, distributed glacier mass balance model
Addressing the mental health of women after sexual assault: the role of follow-up care
Kindergarten readiness: a handbook for parents
Social media as business ecosystem: modeling users' adoption of social networking sites
Wood-based biofuel options to create zero-fossil fuel district heating systems
Perceptions of access to industrial forest land by Port Alberni recreational stakeholders.
Dynamic correlation between selected world major stock markets and commodity markets.
Local binary pattern network: a deep learning approach for face recognition
Stigma and resilience: Lived experiences of people with HIV in a northern community.
The influence of Facebook visual images on hiring by professional recruiters.
Mercury, sulfur-metabolizing bacteria and organic matter in the sediments of subarctic Kusawa Lake, Yukon.
Adults experiencing mental health and addiction in Prince George
Teen Mothers' Alternative Education Program
Collaboration in a primary care setting: strategies for a family nurse practitioner caring for the frail older adult
Determinants of capital structure of Nigerian non -- financial firms.
Health promotion & environmental activism: Haida Gwaii, Bc, the Northern Gateway Project, and a model of collective interest.