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Exploring Ecosystems and Health by Shifting to a Regional Focus: Perspectives from the Oceania EcoHealth Chapter
Situated conceptualization and semantic processing: effects of emotional experience and context availability in semantic categorization and naming tasks
Ensemble simulation and forecasting of South Asian Monsoon.
Sounds of the city: The effects of urbanization and noise on mountain and black-capped chickadee communication.
Pain expression in mild cognitive impairment: Its relation to frontal lobe involvement in non-verbal pain expression.
Groundwater -- surface water interaction under the effects of climate and land use changes.
Evaluation of climate predictability for multiple climate models at various time scales.
Aboriginal values, sacred landscapes, and resource development in the Cariboo Chilcotin region of BC.
Mercury in the brain of polar bears (Ursus maritimus ) and ringed seals (Pusa hispida).
Local scour around bridge abutments under ice covered conditions.
Understanding stunting in Peruvian children: A multilevel analysis.
Daily experiences of parenting a child with suspected FASD and the applicability of a psycho-educational group.
An interaction protocol for bidirectional deliberation on direct help in agent teamwork.
Vertical distribution, nitrogen content, and natural 15n and 13c abundance of epiphytic macrolichen functional groups and soil in sub-boreal spruce forests of central British Columbia.
Voices in thread: Women's childhood experiences of a primary caregiver that remained in a relationship with an alleged or known sex offender, an arts-based inquiry.
Mercury, sulfur-metabolizing bacteria and organic matter in the sediments of subarctic Kusawa Lake, Yukon.
Packing equal circles in a damaged square using simulated annealing and greedy vacancy search.
Earnings management of publicly listed companies in Nigeria.
The influence of Facebook visual images on hiring by professional recruiters.
Pain's echo: Empathy and the social communication of pain.