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Effects of relative embodiment in lexical and semantic processing of verbs
Effects of Emotional Experience for Abstract Words in the Stroop Task
Text generation processes in the development of written cohesion: The contribution of semantics and syntax.
Assessing the neurotoxicological risk of methylmercury exposure for beluga whales (delphinapterus leucas) harvested in the Mackenzie Delta Estuary.
Innovative strategies for the utilization of biomass ash.
Pragmatism, projections, priorities, plans and politics in Prince George: Adapting to climate change in a Canadian community.
Cognitive training in the rural elderly: A randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy and accessibility of a new approach.
Glacier change in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia, Canada (1946 -- 2011).
Water conservation: An adaptation of the cascade analysis for complex urban facilities.
Can Chinese state owned enterprises fulfill both social and corporate objectives?
Evaluating the resilience of northern interior cedar  hemlock forests to western hemlock looper defoliation events.
An investigation of the rescue personality in firefighter recruits.
Reclaiming Lheidli: Towards indigenous planning in Prince George.
Engaging incarcerated indigenous youth in the north.
Biomass ash-based heterogeneous catalysts to produce fatty acid methyl esters from waste cooking oil.
Analysis of road traffic mortality in Iran.
Being there and being with families: Family understandings of public health nurse-family relationships.
Self-perception of affect expression.
Scale-space and wavelet decomposition based scheme for face recognition using nearest linear combination.
Accessing HAART in northern BC: Understanding the barriers and supports to medication adherence and engagement in HIV-related care.