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Text generation processes in the development of written cohesion: The contribution of semantics and syntax.
A review of the evidence surrounding the safety of medical marijuana authorization for adults with neuropathic pain in primary care
Biochemical and cellular characterization of the coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP)-mRNA interaction.
Self-perception of affect expression.
Integrative leadership plan for an integrative healing centre
A therapeutic arts-based program for youth
Self-advocacy and self-determination for students with disabilties: an empowerment group
Analysis of road traffic mortality in Iran.
Unit rate contracts: is it a model for oil sands projects?
Expanding the social safety net through experiential learning: short term crisis intervention, looking beyond numbers
Bricks and mortar: building a foundation for emotional intelligence in your school
Technical analysis of ETF portfolio rebalancing strategy.
Evaluating the resilience of northern interior cedar  hemlock forests to western hemlock looper defoliation events.
Identifying the target market and how they define value: Innovative Fitness Langley
Pragmatism, projections, priorities, plans and politics in Prince George: Adapting to climate change in a Canadian community.
Envisioning change Prince George women's experiences of substance use and mental health through photography.
Recruitment and retention of teachers for Prince George inner-city schools
Regional displacement matching scheme for LBP based face recognition.
Developing clinical skills within child and youth mental health
Strengthening a nation through traditional knowledge