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An adaptive load sensing priority assignment protocol for distributed real-time database systems.
Finding answers and solutions: causes and effects of information technology skills shortages in rural communities
What constitutes a good death?: implications for family nurse practitioners in rural British Columbia
A one-dimensional special relativistic shock tube where stellar fluid undergoes neutrino heating.
An exploratory survey of teachers' use of Kurzweil assistive software with students
Complex trauma in adolescents: a graphic novel
Women and successful tobacco cessation strategies
Go to the river: Understanding and experiencing the Liard watershed.
Establishing a culture of workplace health and safety: the Northern Health way
Conflict, styles of conflict resolution, stress and job satisfaction amongst veterinary healthcare workers in clinical settings
A software framework for simulation studies of interaction models in agent teamwork.
"The war on crime": The securitization of narco-trafficking in Mexico during the Calderon administration.
ARTivism: Gender and artistic expression at AWAC.
Public health importance of child labour-related injuries in Mongolia: A comparison with Canada.
New watermarking methods for digital images.
An analysis of earnings management: A comparison of seven countries.
Economic impact of sporting events using the case of 2015 Canada Winter Games
Using virtual manipulatives for 10-frame lessons with primary students: an in-depth educational study
Succession planning and exit strategy: creating a feasibile exit strategy for Northern Printers & Stationers
Evaluation of potassium stress responses and identification of novel RT-qPCR reference genes in the haloarchaeon, Haloarcula marismortui .