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Writing missing links: Rewriting women's history through literature.
Inuvialuit language and identity: Perspectives on the symbolic meaning of Inuvialuktun in the Canadian western Arctic.
Quantitative analysis of indirect drivers of environmental change in international river basins.
Investigating the benefits and impacts of tourism development for the Tl'azt'en First Nation in northern British Columbia.
RMB internationalization: how far has it gone and what should China do
"Teachers aren't people... they're teachers": A comparative look at the effects of American teen television on Canadian national identity.
You want me to grow trees? The social implications of biomass crops on the resilience of Quesnel, British Columbia.
ARTivism: Gender and artistic expression at AWAC.
Disablement in Prince George, BC: A qualitative, holistic and participatory exploration.
Go to the river: Understanding and experiencing the Liard watershed.
The role of local governments and transnational environmental networks in addressing climate change
Women, thy Name is Womb: Marginalization of voluntary childfree women in feminist performance literature.
The effects of negative and positive freedom on economic growth, human development and poverty.
Analysis of an early intervention disability program.
"The war on crime": The securitization of narco-trafficking in Mexico during the Calderon administration.
The importance of identity and Aboriginal mothering.
Of Cycles and Disturbances.