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Modelling the distribution of advance regeneration in lodgepole pine stands in the Central Interior of British Columbia.
The use of technology and the internet in the adaptive business and marketing strategies for the sustainability of small to medium sized travel agencies
Characterizing the CRD-BP-RNA interaction in-vitro and in cells.
Private rapid response fire and rescue unit RESC-U commercial viability
Of Cycles and Disturbances.
Building alliances to understanding and working with students affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Making sense of synchronicity.
Investigating the 3' RNA Phosphodiesterase and 3'-5' Exoribonuclease Activities of APE1.
Declining union density in Canada: reasons and strategies for renewal
Representations of social justice in social work blogs and the paradoxes of bridging theory in practice.
Responses of mountain goats to heliskiing activity: Movements and resource selection.
A study of the Destination Guided Mobility models.
In relationship: An illustrated autoethnography of counsellor identity development.
Women's stories of access: Sexual health education and services in Yukon.
Family Development Response Social Work and Family Service Social Work: From the service provider's perspective.
The effects of negative and positive freedom on economic growth, human development and poverty.
Nitrogen inputs by biological soil crusts in grasslands of interior British Columbia.
The role of positive emotions and ego-resilience in personal strivings.
Wildlife viewing in the mountain national parks of Canada: An experiential view.