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The influence of print exposure on the body-object interaction effect in visual word recognition
Effects of emotional and sensorimotor knowledge in semantic processing of concrete and abstract nouns
The neural correlates of the body-object interaction effect in semantic processing
Exhuming Guatemala's gender-based violence: Justice, truth-telling, and rebuilding in a post-conflict society.
Tool stones from the Punchaw Lake Village site (FiRs-1), Nechako Plateau, British Columbia, Canada.
Human Rights and the Duty to Accommodate in Employment: Stakeholders' Knowledge and Attitudes.
The meaning of reconciliation and development in post-genocide Rwanda.
The resilience of the Babine: The economic and social relations of the Babine to 1830.
"It Happened to Me in Barkerville": Aboriginal identity, economy, and law in the Cariboo Gold Rush, 1862--1900.
Towards First Nations energy self-sufficiency: Analyzing the renewable energy partnership between T'sou-ke Nation and Skidegate Band.
Forest values surrounding ancient cedar stands in British Columbia's Inland Temperate Rainforest.
Adolescent girls' experiences of unwanted intercourse and unintentional pregnancy: A retrospective study.
Microfinance mission drift---a study of microfinance institutions in Asia and Latin America.
Before and after: Spirit in the act of reading an exploration of John Green's "Looking for Alaska".
The prevalence and contribution of work related issues in Short Term Disability claims.
Environmental values and beliefs in university students.
"With a connection to the land, our spirit is strong" Tlicho traditional knowledge of climate change and impacts for caribou hunting: implication for traditional knowledge research
"Overlap": Causes and implications of contested indigenous claims to territory in the context of the BC treaty process.
'Wwoofing' BC: An autoethnography.