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Business planning for a small firm's success: Northern Catski adventures
The ecology of food and medicine plants and their gathering sites as defined by Tl'azt'en Nation.
Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Episodes of Relived Sadness: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Affect Intensity.
Stability of in situ immobilized lead and zinc in rhizosphere soil of phosphorus amended metal contaminated soils.
Cultural studies: The silenced or courageously loud sister of social work.
An investigation of the determinants of adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy in Aboriginal men in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
Nurse practitioner use of patient-centered care to improve the quality of life of women experiencing vasomotor symptoms of menopause
Do you know what you know?: Perspectives on traditional ecological knowledge
Assessment of optimum snowmelt model complexity, Cariboo Highlands, British Columbia, Canada.
Role of nurse practitioner in addressing aboriginal diabetes prevention
Business cycles and profit warnings: over and under reaction of U.S. firms, according to size and industry 1995-2009
Persistence of soil moisture in the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia.
Exploring classroom technology: the engagement of aboriginal students in a 1:1 wireless laptop program
Spatial and temporal analyses of bark beetle population dynamics in southern British Columbia: Stand-level studies of the bole-infesting assemblage during eruptive transitions of mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins.
Beforeplay: Family stories, teen and adult parents and sexual health communication.
Exploring the relationship between reading comprehension and math word problem test achievement
Hostility: Individual differences in cognitive processes.
Mothers, problematic substance use, and child welfare in northern British Columbia.
"Pick Me, Pick Me, I Want to Be a Counsellor": Assessment of a MEd-Counselling Application Selection Process using Rasch Analysis and Generalizability Theory.