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Using bioclimatic envelope modelling to incorporate spatial and temporal dynamics of climate change into conservation planning.
Integrating production functions of timber, forage, and cattle to achieve sustainable resource management.
Masculine identity in a "woman's" role: Stay-at-home dads in Northern British Columbia.
Evaluating investment in real estate projects
 Small to medium private enterprise: aligning shareholder, director and manager interests
How siblings, raised in abusive or neglectful homes, are treated similarly or differently: An exploration by Northern social workers.
What's the link: An exploration of recovery and social support for individuals living with a mental illness.
The ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) communities of the central interior of British Columbia: Adaptations to a temperature-constrained environment.
The development of English 12 First Peoples as an online distance education course
Propagation methods and the effectiveness of fungal inoculation on Vaccinium species native to Central British Columbia.
Storying youth's experiences of coerced or voluntary residential substance abuse treatment: A narrative research project.
 Effects of primary prevention on early childhood caries in Canadian First Nations children ages 0-4 years
Family group counselling manual: emotional well-being for famlies supporting children with autism spectrum disorder
Lichen refugia within sub-boreal spruce forests: The role of riparian alder swales.
Self-presentation in the online dating environment.
Social competence: Cardiovascular activity and humor as mediating mechanisms.
The impact of parental death and socioeconomic factors on children in sub-Saharan Africa.
Building consultation from the bottom up: A case study of the North Yukon.
Characterizing the endoribonuclease activity of APE1.
Nurse practitioners: improving coronary heart disease management in South Asian Canadians