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Some Insults are Easier to Detect: The Embodied Insult Detection Effect
 A strategic analysis of factors affecting the establishment of wood charcoal production in central British Columbia
A case study on containerization for a pulp mill in northern BC
A cross plant comparison of an ERP/MRP system
Self-care: a positive College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences~ approach to vicarious traumatization and personal growth
The development of English 12 First Peoples as an online distance education course
Examining challenges, barriers and strengths in the implementaion of an early intervention program in northern British Columbia for people with psychosis
Defining culture in government: subcultures within the BC Ministry of Environment
Chinese stategic [sic] (outward) investment in Latin America: case study - Brazil
Nurse practitioner role in improving health outcomes for marginalized adolescents through levonorgestrel intrauterine system use
Achieving greater academic success: engaging students by providing feedback and summative grades for note taking
Feasibility analysis on diverting regional waste to local business for waste to energy project
Risk-reward of exchange traded funds: a study of Canadian ETF's
 Effects of primary prevention on early childhood caries in Canadian First Nations children ages 0-4 years
Corporate governance and performance: a study of Canadian companies - 2009
Evaluating investment in real estate projects
Viability of forest carbon projects on private land in Central British Columbia
Increasing television advertising sales for a small market broadcaster
Employee performance-reward and the client retention impacts of transferring business clients between departments at a Canadian financial institution
Engaging success: a qualitative analysis of the prospective benefits of implementing gainsharing in British Columbia's pulp and paper industry