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Development of a business tool to evaluate the Northern Health Connections program
Hamiltonian cycles in symmetric graphs.
Source apportionment of fine and coarse fraction particulate matter in Prince George and Kelowna, British Columbia.
Reproductive ecology of the Sitka willow (Salix sitchensis ).
Examining feminist social work practice in adult acute psychiatry
Genetic determination of sub-species classification for the Banff longnose dace (Rhinichthys cataractae smithi).
A shared mental health care model at Whitehorse Hospital, Yukon:  A First Nations and medical perspective.
The importance of elbow room in Ken Kesey's novels.
Identifying constraints in the value chain of knowledge based services in Canada: case study of Canadian accounting firms
Are earnings more volatile under IFRS?
Feasibility study of online BC VQA wine sales in British Columbia
Our Turn to Talk: oral language intervention for at-risk primary students
The impact of mining development on subsistence practices of indigenous peoples:  Lessons learned from northern Quebec and Alaska.
Wild epiphany: Turning youth care inside out.
The impact of vasoactive and inflammatory reagents on arteriolar vasomotion in the gluteus maximus of mice.
The flocculation feedback loop: Delivery of marine derived nutrients in Pacific salmon streams.
Northern social work:  How are northern social workers creative?
Building dams, constructing stories: The press, the Sekani and the Peace River Dam, 1957--1969.
Nurse practitioners in First Nations communities: improving access to contraception, decreasing teenage pregnancy