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Examining feminist social work practice in adult acute psychiatry
Routes to transcendence: Disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-injury in young women.
Socioeconomic factors affecting non-timber forest product collection in the Komi Republic, Russia.
Prioritizing clinical services for telehealth: the development of a model
Historical migration patterns in the Upper Fraser region, British Columbia.
Managing the demographic shift: retention and recruitment of the public servant
Numerical modelling of airflow within and above forests and forest clearings using computational fluid dynamics.
Development of a business tool to evaluate the Northern Health Connections program
The experience of assessing risk by child protection workers in the north region of British Columbia
Singing to remember, singing to heal: Ts'msyen music in public schools.
A shared mental health care model at Whitehorse Hospital, Yukon:  A First Nations and medical perspective.
The flocculation feedback loop: Delivery of marine derived nutrients in Pacific salmon streams.
Sigma-point Kalman filter data assimilation methods for strongly nonlinear dynamical models.
Aboriginal participation in Canada: Overcoming alienation and mistrust in a situation of complex interdependence.
Adult day centre respite care: research design of a study to assess the efficacy of caregiver respite
What is the impact of the crude oil price index on the performance of oil and gas firms?
Planning utopia:  Control over women and nature in Mary Shelley's "The Last Man", William Morris's "News from Nowhere" and M. P. Shiel's "The Purple Cloud".
Terpene composition of lodgepole and jack pine and its relationship to the success of the mountain pine beetle.
Experimental study of multi-level regional voting scheme and its application in human face recognition.
Spatiotemporal associations between forests impacted by mountain pine beetle and adjacent replantings impacted by Warren root collar weevil.