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Routine physical activity and healthy pregnant women's self reports of psychological distress: a literature review
Wild epiphany: Turning youth care inside out.
Cognitive analysis of an autoethnography
Rural acute care nursing in British Columbia and Alberta: An interpretive description of professionalism.
Transition houses:  Safety, security, and compassion.
Ecology of ecto- and ericoid mycorrhizal systems in petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated sub-boreal forest soils.
Determining factors affecting carcass removal and searching efficiency during the post-construction monitoring of wind farms.
Effective behavior support (EBS): "where we have been, where we are going"
Nihl Adagwiy T'gun Adaawaks GalksiGabin (Here Is the Story of GalksiGabin): A modern auto-ethnography of a Nisga'a man.
Regional, ecological, and temporal patterns in Douglas-fir climate-growth relationships in the British Columbia interior.
Genecology of 20 paper birch (Betula papyrifera Marsh.) provenances from British Columbia and northern Idaho.
Feasibility study of online BC VQA wine sales in British Columbia
Cost analysis of a forest seedling planting machine: a case study for BC
Developing an economic partnership framework between the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation and Initiatives Prince George Development Corporation
Assessing occupational stress in the Canadian multicultural workplace.
Semi-industrial scale testing of biologically-induced copper heap leaching at Imperial Metals Corporation - Mount Polley Mine
The link between identity style and intimacy balance:  Does emotional intelligence provide the key?
A study in corporate culture: a plan to retain employees through ownership change
Northern social work:  How are northern social workers creative?
The impact of vasoactive and inflammatory reagents on arteriolar vasomotion in the gluteus maximus of mice.