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Un-layering landscapes:  A post-colonial critique of "wilderness" in Tsimshian Territory, northern British Columbia.
Assessing occupational stress in the Canadian multicultural workplace.
Experiences of decision makers in the workers' compensation system: Impact of gender on return to work decisions.
Aboriginal participation in Canada: Overcoming alienation and mistrust in a situation of complex interdependence.
Canada and failed states:  Foreign policy under the Martin Government, 2003--2006.
Assessing Pro-Poor Tourism principles in practice:  Ethnic tourism in northern Thailand and Lao PDR.
Building dams, constructing stories: The press, the Sekani and the Peace River Dam, 1957--1969.
The distribution of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) and moose (Alces alces) in the Fort St. James Region of Northern British Columbia, 1800-1950.
Nihl Adagwiy T'gun Adaawaks GalksiGabin (Here Is the Story of GalksiGabin): A modern auto-ethnography of a Nisga'a man.
The impact of mining development on subsistence practices of indigenous peoples:  Lessons learned from northern Quebec and Alaska.
Ethical decision-making in disability management.
Singing to remember, singing to heal: Ts'msyen music in public schools.
The untold story: The role of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Canadian foreign intelligence.
Coping and post-traumatic stress in male firefighters.
The importance of elbow room in Ken Kesey's novels.
Products, features and target markets: An inquiry into Aboriginal tourism product preference of visitors to northern British Columbia.
Effects of Autistic Spectrum Disorder on parental work outcomes.
Historical migration patterns in the Upper Fraser region, British Columbia.
Factors that influence collaboration in the delivery of primary health care services:  A case study of Quesnel.