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Inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing by small molecules.
Exploring the 'interface' between traditional and alternative food systems.
Exploring gambling among seniors in rural British Columbia: sociodemographic and mental health correlates
Networks and partnerships in a resource town: A case study of adapting to an aging population in Mackenzie, B.C.
Characterization of methylmercury demethylation in the central nervous system.
Municipal winter trail design standards: includes a winter trail design standards GIS analysis of the city of Prince George city-wide trail system master plan
Steps to sustainable forestry success: a case study analysis of community-based forest management in developing countries
A neural network model of the primary visual cortex.
Corporate governance structures of business entities in Aboriginal communities
Settler mythology and the construction of the historical memory of the Indian Wars of the Pacific Northwest.
Plumage characteristics in tree swallows Tachycineta bicolor: Honest signals of condition, reproductive investment and mating strategies.
Inventory shrinkage in a chain retailer: a case study
Creating sustainable economic development within two B.C. First Nations communities: A rights-based approach.
The validity of DIBELS as an indicator of early literacy achievement.
A security architecture for IPv6 enabled wireless medical sensor networks.
Crossing the THz gap: marketing strategy for a new technology
A comparison of greenness estimates from the tassled cap transformation and normalized difference vegetation index as a component in habitat selection models for grizzly bears.
Is there an Effect of Print Exposure on the Word Frequency Effect and the Neighborhood Size Effect?