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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as "shero":  Re-defining the mythological hero.
Disability management strategies:  A preliminary investigation of perceptions, policies and return-to-work outcomes.
The Canada-United States softwood lumber dispute:  A look at the state of certain economic and political indicators and their relationship to the outcome of disputes.
The newspaper wars in Prince George, B.C., 1909--1918.
Brown Sheep, Brown Landscape:  Australia as I Remember It.
Recruitment and retention challenges of a regional centre of a resource-based region:  The case study of Prince George, BC.
Strength and resiliency in the narratives of Margaret Gagnon.
Mapping the ground:  A critical and creative exploration of the diary of Ada Sykes, 1912--1915.
Marxist-Leninist ideology, Soviet foreign policy and the structure of the international system of states.
Where the shadows lie:  Nature, modernity and the audience of Middle-earth.
Global to local:  International conferences and environmental education in the People's Republic of China.
First Nations women carvers:  Celebrating creation and creativity.