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Trust in management and its relation to job satisfaction and intentions to remain for northern British Columbia nurses.
The ectomycorrhizal associations of Larix laricina  (Du Roi) (tamarack) K. Koch and Betula glandulosa Michaux (scrub birch) seedlings in peatlands of central British Columbia.
Will climate change alter Arctic nitrogen budgets?  Impacts of warming and fertilization on nitrogen fixing microbial communities at Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut.
The effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizer on the morphology and anatomy of industrial fibre hemp (Cannabis sativa  L.) grown in northern British Columbia, Canada.
Creative drama in the writing process:  The impact on elementary students' short stories.
Impact of diabetes on quality of life for persons living in the Bella Coola Valley.
Curriculum that fosters moral development
Strategic environmental assessment of comprehensive plans:  A comparative analysis of comprehensive plans from Scotland, California, and New Zealand.