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Early stage alzheimer's disease support and self-advocacy groups: empowerment within a disempowering disease process?
Canada and peacebuilding: human security in practice?
Portfolio evaluation in two English 12 classes
The internal motives and consequences of UN projects : evidence from the Tumen River area development programme
We done it!: the story of Warmun Women's Centre and Safe House: women's agency in western Australia
Grassroots development in El Salvador
The UNBC bedload movement detector: calibration, initial results and analysis
School-based evidence for the validity of curriculum-based measurement norms in School District #57
Adolescence and school transitions: what are the issues?
The Sto:lo world view and the individualism of Canadian law
An exploration of the health concepts, peer-helping behaviours and attitudes of street-involved youth
How does overstory retention affect above- and below-ground resource availability and seedling performance?: implications for silvicultural systems choice in the ESSF
Effectiveness of British Columbia's environmental assessment policy for First Nations' participation in mine development
Biological weapons: a plague upon all our houses - strengthening the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention
Finding independence: how former Youth-In-Care and the Ministry for Children and Families work together while completing SPY agreements
Gitxsan storytelling: the breath of our grandfathers
Pet facilitated therapy and the therapeutic relationship: participant perspectives
Prior learning assessment at Northwest Community College: current status and future directions