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Enhanced cognitive interview: incorporating "remember" or "know" and/or confidence level phases to determine the accuracy of eyewitness information
Adolescence and school transitions: what are the issues?
Poems of the promised land: women's stories in the King James Old Testament
The lived experience of sensing the presence of the deceased
The internal motives and consequences of UN projects : evidence from the Tumen River area development programme
Web-based instruction: teaching students to utilize problem solving strategies
Locus of control and overt aggression in secondary school students
Portfolio evaluation in two English 12 classes
Adherence to the step-wise interview protocol by trained RCMP investigators during forensic sexual abuse interviews with children
Across the street: an intimate feminist geography in Aotearoa/New Zealand
A history of Gitxsan relations with colonial and Canadian law, 1858-1909
How does overstory retention affect above- and below-ground resource availability and seedling performance?: implications for silvicultural systems choice in the ESSF
Grassroots development in El Salvador
Representations of community in Toni Morrison's fiction
Prior learning assessment at Northwest Community College: current status and future directions
Effects of overstory paper birch (Betula Papyrifera March) on physiology, growth, and biomass responses of under-planted conifer seedlings
Alive moments as an invitation to spiritual discourse: co-research between client, therapist, and consultant within ongoing therapy