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Is portfolio rebalancing good for investors?
Whitebark pine at the northern edge : current constraints and future potential northern distribution under a changing climate
Babine wood-stake fish weirs in an eleven kilometer stretch of the Babine River and Nilkitkwa Lake, north central British Columbia
Accelerated aggregation in mine waste deposits by co-pyrolysis of tailings and organic feedstocks
Do fences make good neighbours: the influence of territoriality in state-Sami relations
Assessing Rattus norvegicus recombinant syntaxin 18 for endonucleolytic function.
Spatial and temporal patterns of temperature in the Horsefly River
Quality of life of stroke survivors who attend a stroke club and their personal caregivers
Come hell and high water: the relocation of the Cheslatta First Nation
Gendered violence in gender-based development projects: conditional cash transfer programs and women's 'empowerment' and 'development' in Bangladesh