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Reduced-rank sigma-point Kalman filter for geophysical data assimilation
A site index model for lodgepole pine in the sub-boreal spruce biogeoclimatic zone of British Columbia.
The role of personality type in college adjustment
Investigation into the mechanisms of beta-cell specific overexpression of peroxisome proliferator activated receptors in obesity-induced type 2 diabetes.
Exploring a child's developmental diagnosis: an interpretive description of parents' experiences in northern British Columbia
Looking After Children in Yukon.
Exploring the social-ecological resilience of forest ecosystem services.
Characterizing residential wood smoke at the neighbourhood scale: An evaluation of five communities in British Columbia.
Towards identifying New Human Ribonucleases that Cleave microRNA Using a High-Throughput Method.
Caring Conjurers and demonic diviners: gender and the unstable position of peasant magical practitioners in Catalonia, 1300-1330
Structure Probing of U4 snRNA: Investigations into the Mechanism of U4/U6 di-snRNP Formation.
A model for Holocene glacial erosion at Peyto Glacier, Alberta.
Web of Stories: Conversations with Cherie Dimaline.
Wilksilaks transfer of knowledge: A working model for maintaining tradition.
The eastern enlargement of the European Union
Examining the challenges faced by social work supervisors in Northwestern British Columbia.
The sensational landscape: the history of sensationalist images of the Arctic, 1818-1910
Rousseau's contributions to socialism.