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Growth responses of three coexisting conifer species to climate variables across a range of climate conditions.
Cultural competency, child protection intake workers, and northern British Columbia experiences.
Forest fire in the mountain ranges of north-eastern British Columbia: a historical perspective
Congruence and well-being in a student sample: an investigation using the experience sampling model
Caring Conjurers and demonic diviners: gender and the unstable position of peasant magical practitioners in Catalonia, 1300-1330
The Tahltan Nation and our consultation process with mining industry: How a land use plan might improve the process.
A population-based prospective cohort study utilizing adminstrative data for the analysis of self-injury among depressed British Columbian youth.
Un-layering landscapes:  A post-colonial critique of "wilderness" in Tsimshian Territory, northern British Columbia.
A survey of pure algebraic quartic fields.
Promoting and participating in teacher learning and development.
A study of skeletal trauma, gender, and testimonio concerning the 1984 massacre at Putis, Ayacucho, Peru
Elemental signatures in bone to determine life history characteristics in fish.
What factors influence the practice of community-based participatory health research in the Canadian Arctic?
Listening to the spirit voices: Honoring our ancient traditional ways of healing.
A model of empathy for artificial agent teamwork.
U6 snRNA secondary structure in free U6 snRNPs.
Local adaptation to cold temperatures by larval coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) from different populations throughout British Columbia