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A site index model for lodgepole pine in the sub-boreal spruce biogeoclimatic zone of British Columbia.
The role of personality type in college adjustment
Securing a home in British Columbia for adults with intellectual disabilities: A family perspective.
What do victims of violent crime need: a comparison of victims' and counsellors' Q sorts
Soil reclamation and reforestation at oil and gas well sites in northeastern British Columbia.
The Earth Remembers Everything.
Business cycles and accounting quality.
The meaning of resettlement: Burmese political refugees in Vancouver
Child protection law in British Columbia:  A rights-based analysis.
Voices and visions: Transformative creativity in a northern context.
The Law of the Atmosphere: Explaining a nonregime.
Breeding settlement and dispersal in a northern population of American kestrels.
Associations between sleep duration and indicators of cardio-metabolic disease in Canadian children and adolescents.
Individuality in approaches to emotionally demanding work and coping among experienced British Columbia social workers
Investigating splicing in two disparate organisms: a highly reduced spliceosome in Cyandioschyzon Merolae and additional functionality in  Saccharomyces Cerevisiae's PRP24
Exploring a child's developmental diagnosis: an interpretive description of parents' experiences in northern British Columbia
Reduced-rank sigma-point Kalman filter for geophysical data assimilation
The anti-trickster at play: Representing First Nations artists and art in the art galleries and museums of northern British Columbia.
Unfolding vision: English language learning supports in a small school division.