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Improving Sonar Sensor Fidelity in a Robot Simulator.
Building resilience in the agricultural sector of the Omineca: Assessing barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivars response to water stress and cultural practices of northern producers.
Pain's echo: Empathy and the social communication of pain.
The influence of Facebook visual images on hiring by professional recruiters.
Earnings management of publicly listed companies in Nigeria.
Packing equal circles in a damaged square using simulated annealing and greedy vacancy search.
Mercury, sulfur-metabolizing bacteria and organic matter in the sediments of subarctic Kusawa Lake, Yukon.
Vertical distribution, nitrogen content, and natural 15n and 13c abundance of epiphytic macrolichen functional groups and soil in sub-boreal spruce forests of central British Columbia.
An interaction protocol for bidirectional deliberation on direct help in agent teamwork.
Integrating harvesting values with community: planning for mineral aggregate extraction in the City of Prince George
Huckleberry Mine: a case study in the implementation of the British Columbia Environmental assessment act
Do tree planters live on the edge?: health risk-taking among reforestation workers in Northern British Columbia
Emotion processing in alexithymia
Communication and sexual behavior among heterosexual university women
Responsibility judgements about stigmas: does depression matter?
Quantifying the major sinks and sources of phosphorus in Tabor Lake: implications for management and remediation
Congruence and well-being in a student sample: an investigation using the experience sampling model
Critical factors contributing to wildlife-human interaction in the Wind Valley natural area: implications for management
Ecological characteristics of forest remnants left by wildfire
Site and soil characteristics related to the incidence and spread of Inonotus tomentosus