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Genetic determination of sub-species classification for the Banff longnose dace (Rhinichthys cataractae smithi).
Approximating the rank of a homomorphism using a Prolog based system
An examination of the relationship between coping with stress and alcoholism in adult children of alcoholics
Products, features and target markets: An inquiry into Aboriginal tourism product preference of visitors to northern British Columbia.
In Singing, He Composed a Song.
Emotion processing in alexithymia
Teaching through toponymy: Using indigenous place-names in outdoor science camps.
The role of weather and topography in the development of  Dothistroma septosporum.
The Experience of Active Injection Drug Use on Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment in Aboriginal People Living in Prince George - A Qualitative Perspective.
Lichen colonization in natural gap disturbances and old growth stands
Packing equal circles in a damaged square using simulated annealing and greedy vacancy search.
Ecological characteristics of forest remnants left by wildfire
Mercury in the brain of polar bears (Ursus maritimus ) and ringed seals (Pusa hispida).
On the dualisabilty of finite {0, 1 }-valued unary algebras with zero.
Determining factors affecting carcass removal and searching efficiency during the post-construction monitoring of wind farms.
Family Development Response Social Work and Family Service Social Work: From the service provider's perspective.
Evaluating a sufferer's pain: the role of contextual and attributional variables
Strategic environmental assessment of comprehensive plans:  A comparative analysis of comprehensive plans from Scotland, California, and New Zealand.
Canadian-born Sikh daughters: Experiencing life through a mixture of cultural influences.