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Beautifully damned: Religious imagination in Coleridge and Byron.
Writing missing links: Rewriting women's history through literature.
Mineral weathering and ectomycorrhizae of Picea glauca x engelmannii (Moench.) Voss with emphasis on Piloderma
Voices in thread: Women's childhood experiences of a primary caregiver that remained in a relationship with an alleged or known sex offender, an arts-based inquiry.
Vertical distribution, nitrogen content, and natural 15n and 13c abundance of epiphytic macrolichen functional groups and soil in sub-boreal spruce forests of central British Columbia.
Stress in nursing: an examination of stressors and coping mechanisms of nurses in rural hospitals in northern British Columbia
Carbon budget of forest products harvested from mountain pine beetle-attacked forests in the Prince George region
Perspectives of the influence of stigma on care-seeking behavior among ethnic Russians living with HIV/AIDS in Ida-Virumaa, Estonia
Exploring and redefining home visitability with the Scia'new and Esquimalt Nations
Addressing uncertainty : contributions of knowing patients and team members to negotiating team-based primary care
Diastereoselective spiroannulation of phenolic derivatives: Effect of steric hindrance on the diastereoselectivity.
Studying the efficacy and service users' experience of a cognitive behaviour therapy group for adults experiencing anxiety and/or panic in a community mental health setting.
Single-gender classrooms:  Improving achievement of grade 9 males.
Coping and post-traumatic stress in male firefighters.
Cognitive dissonance in social work - the experiences of social workers who facilitate transracial adoption plans for aboriginal children