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A right to housing for people experiencing mental health issues
A study in corporate culture: a plan to retain employees through ownership change
Tackling healthcare challenges through innovative technologies: Northern Health systems integration framework and recommendations
Program development for the BMO UNBC Downtown Business Centre of Excellence
Canada's abiltiy to develop and sustain a competitive advantage in the global wood pellet manufacturing industry
The role of the nurse practitioner in promoting a reduction in the causes and outcomes of problematic polypharmacy among nursing home residents in British Columbia
Wind energy on the horizon in British Columbia : a review and evaluation of the British Columbia wind energy planning framework
Programming with intention: fostering positive youth development through recreation
Shared decision making in primary care: barriers and facilitators of shared decision making in the context of decreasing the use of unnecessary antibiotics for preschool children ages 3-5 with upper respiratory tract infections
Assessment of the market potential for a new physical therapy practice in BC's northern coastal regions
The issues and concerns facing aboriginal people in healthcare in Canada
Identifying the target market and how they define value: Innovative Fitness Langley
Are earnings more volatile under IFRS?