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The effect of various capital flows on economic growth of developing countries
Intercultural sharing and learning: providing space for youth's voices
Community-based knowledge capture: Tsay Keh Dene develop an online archival system
An evaluation of market efficiency in the Chinese stock market using a behavioural volatility model
Steps to sustainable forestry success: a case study analysis of community-based forest management in developing countries
A retrospect and prospect on the development of China's stock market
Family of Louisa Oyee: a matriarch in the Nisga'a Nation
Yinka dinii ha ba ten the ways of the people of the earth : a social-ecological framework for sustainability
Samuel Huntington's clash of civilizations hypothesis: challenges from Amartya Sen and the Western South Asian post-immigrant experience
The struggle to create a market economy in Russia
Experiencing foreigners : Taiwan's low-skilled immigrant workers and policies
Testing the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations (NGOs): case studies of the landmines initiative and the Multilateral Agreement on Investment with a focus on Canadian foreign policy