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A therapeutic arts-based program for youth
Trauma counselling: a comprehensive overview for undergraduate and graduate students
Strategies to foster equal access to a quality education: parental involvement and its effect on education
Exploring classroom technology: the engagement of aboriginal students in a 1:1 wireless laptop program
Nurse practitioner use of patient-centered care to improve the quality of life of women experiencing vasomotor symptoms of menopause
Time to change the focus of the conversation between First Nations and mining companies, from a positional based approach to an interest based approach
Islamic finance and its relevance to Canadian financial system
Family of Louisa Oyee: a matriarch in the Nisga'a Nation
Self-advocacy and self-determination for students with disabilties: an empowerment group
Design and implementation of virtual network testbeds for routing protocols
Feasibility study: utilization of wood pellets as an institutional heat energy source at the University of Northern British Columbia
Privatization of Crown Corporations (CCs) and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Canada: goals and aspirations of government and participating businesses
Unit rate contracts: is it a model for oil sands projects?
Key performance measures in the BC Sheriff Service
Declining union density in Canada: reasons and strategies for renewal
Evaluating investment in real estate projects
How to support technology use in the elementary classroom