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An educator's guide to self-regulation in the early elementary years
The importance of trauma-informed practice and how it links to social work practice in the field of mental health
Collaborative processes in teacher teams
Closing the gap: reflections on school social work and decolonizing practice
The role of nurse practitioners in primary care in optimizing risk stratification for coronary heart disease in Canadian women: an integrative review
Autonomy, vulnerability, and dementia: operationalizion of adult guardianship legislation in British Columbia
Trauma-informed practice: overarching themes and patterns in becoming trauma-informed
Identifying at-risk youth: strategies to help them succeed
Improving quality of life of older adults living in a long-term care facility
Exploring group health insurance for students in Canadian post-secondary institutions
RMB internationalization: how far has it gone and what should China do
Looking deeper into security in the Arctic policy of the Canadian government from 2006 to 2011
Is resource extraction a curse or a bonanza for local communities? Mining case study: Quiruvilca, Peru
The inflation and economic growth nexus in Gabon, Kenya, and South Africa: an empirical analysis, 1961-2012
The role of local governments and transnational environmental networks in addressing climate change
The Nordic Ideal? UNBC's development as a northern university
Evaluating the RECOVER model as an effective early intervention progam [sic]
The emergence of co-management within education policy in Yukon
Divergent anthropocentrisms: an Inuit exercise of self-determination via living resource management in an international context
Does China need a more flexible exchange rate?