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An adaptive load sensing priority assignment protocol for distributed real-time database systems.
Host colonization patterns, cues mediating host selection and calibration of field surveys with estimates of population abundance of  leptoglossus occidentalis in a seed orchard.
Enhanced cognitive interview: incorporating "remember" or "know" and/or confidence level phases to determine the accuracy of eyewitness information
Routes to transcendence: Disordered eating, substance abuse, and self-injury in young women.
Inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing by small molecules.
Exploring the 'interface' between traditional and alternative food systems.
Exploring gambling among seniors in rural British Columbia: sociodemographic and mental health correlates
Innovative strategies for the utilization of biomass ash.
Dissection of U4 snRNA functional domains using in vitro reconstitution.
The ecology of food and medicine plants and their gathering sites as defined by Tl'azt'en Nation.
Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities of Douglas-fir on diverse soil lithologies of central British Columbia.
Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia During Episodes of Relived Sadness: The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Affect Intensity.
Study of mechanisms of methylmercury neurotoxicity and association with Parkinson's disease
Toward a conceptual framework for integrated resource management on electric utility transmission rights-of-way
A one-dimensional special relativistic shock tube where stellar fluid undergoes neutrino heating.