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Huckleberry Mine: a case study in the implementation of the British Columbia Environmental assessment act
Communication of pain and anxiety between mothers and infants during routine immunization procedures.
Modelling the distribution of advance regeneration in lodgepole pine stands in the Central Interior of British Columbia.
The effects of the PARTY program on youths' risk-taking behaviours and beliefs
Regional displacement matching scheme for LBP based face recognition.
Determination of density and moisture content of wood using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy.
The impact of climate change and harvest of mountain pine beetle stands on streamflow in northern British Columbia.
Characterizing the social-ecological importance of coastal marine locations: integrative challenges, insights and solutions from the Pacific north coast of British Columbia
Mother-daughter communicative relationships during adolescence and early adulthood.
The untold story: The role of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Canadian foreign intelligence.
Dependencies of food web and nutrient cycling dynamics on dissolved organic matter (DOM) and inorganic nutrient concentrations in lake enclosures.
Reclaiming overall well-being: an analysis of individual- and community-level characteristics contributing to well-being in Yukon First Nations
The construction of cyborg bodies: fact, fantasy and the cyborg continuum
Characterizing the CRD-BP-RNA interaction in-vitro and in cells.
Accessing HAART in northern BC: Understanding the barriers and supports to medication adherence and engagement in HIV-related care.