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A look inside the garbage can: assessing the sustainability and waste management efforts in the 2015 Prince George Canada Winter Games
Wind energy on the horizon in British Columbia : a review and evaluation of the British Columbia wind energy planning framework
Factors affecting ecosystem recovery after placer mining in northwestern British Columbia
Where do you play in winter?: An exploration of outdoor winter recreation spaces in Prince George, BC
The opportunities and limitations of first nations forestry agreements in British Columbia: Collective experience of the Tl'azt'en nation & the future need for community-based resource management & decision-making.
Community adaptation to climate change: An exploration of climate change adaptation planning in British Columbia.
Evolving co-management practice: Developing a community-based environmental monitoring framework with Tl'azt'en nation on the John Prince Research Forest.
Strategic environmental assessment of comprehensive plans:  A comparative analysis of comprehensive plans from Scotland, California, and New Zealand.
Wildlife viewing in the mountain national parks of Canada: An experiential view.
Sequential Monte Carlo methods for data assimilation in strongly nonlinear dynamics.
Mountain communities at risk:  A case study of gateway community growth management and resort development.
Planning for resilience: A case study of Kitimat, BC.
Organizing for sustainability at a small scale: A case study of an ecovillage.
Modelling the distribution of advance regeneration in lodgepole pine stands in the Central Interior of British Columbia.
Creating sustainable economic development within two B.C. First Nations communities: A rights-based approach.
The ecology of food and medicine plants and their gathering sites as defined by Tl'azt'en Nation.
Exploring the 'interface' between traditional and alternative food systems.