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Cultural competency in clinical consultation at the Alberta Children's Hospital: how to deliver equitable, effective, and adequate health care to minority people
Social work with older adults
Improving quality of life of older adults living in a long-term care facility
Adults experiencing mental health and addiction in Prince George
Developing clinical skills within child and youth mental health
Teen Mothers' Alternative Education Program
Women with developmental disabilities and sexual abuse : an analysis of the (draft) practice guidelines for Part 3 of the Adult Guardianship Act
Evaluation of the Carrier Sekani Family Services Family Support Services Program
Integrating theory and social work practice in adult psychiatry
Social work practice with female juvenile delinquents
Addressing homelessness and health inequalities through community development
A right to housing for people experiencing mental health issues
Expanding the social safety net through experiential learning: short term crisis intervention, looking beyond numbers
Cultural competency and child welfare practice: issues in aboriginal child welfare
Autonomy, vulnerability, and dementia: operationalizion of adult guardianship legislation in British Columbia
Examining feminist social work practice in adult acute psychiatry
Examining challenges, barriers and strengths in the implementaion of an early intervention program in northern British Columbia for people with psychosis