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Examining feminist social work practice in adult acute psychiatry
Examining challenges, barriers and strengths in the implementaion of an early intervention program in northern British Columbia for people with psychosis
Empowering people with concurrent disorder in a clinical context: a structural perpective
Me, you, God, and the clock: my experience in spiritual social work and counselling
Sexual abuse intervention program: healing through art and play
Transformational change and the role of social work
Understanding play as a therapeutic intervention: a structural social work perspective
Disabling labeling : a social worker's response to attention deficit disorder
Closing the gap: reflections on school social work and decolonizing practice
Clinical social work: trauma informed practice and arts based programs
An overview of clinical counselling techniques and their use in situations where persons have experienced abuse or grief and loss
Anglophone Canadian-born working-class women in eldercare
The importance of trauma-informed practice and how it links to social work practice in the field of mental health
Every voice counts : hearing from young children in residential resources
Clinical social work and child sexual abuse
Finding independence: how former Youth-In-Care and the Ministry for Children and Families work together while completing SPY agreements