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Municipal winter trail design standards: includes a winter trail design standards GIS analysis of the city of Prince George city-wide trail system master plan
A study of four Prince George community gardens: goals, benefits and challenges of public and private community gardens
Common property : a tool for community development in British Columbia
Nanaimo's municipal parks: a users' study of nature trails
Wind energy on the horizon in British Columbia : a review and evaluation of the British Columbia wind energy planning framework
Towards watershed governance: emerging lessons from community-based water governance approaches in British Columbia
A look inside the garbage can: assessing the sustainability and waste management efforts in the 2015 Prince George Canada Winter Games
Sustainability and solid waste management in higher education: an inquiry into the composition and management of solid waste at the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George campus
Survey on public perceptions of outdoor air quality issues in the city of Prince George
Exploring the 'interface' between traditional and alternative food systems.
Innovative strategies for the utilization of biomass ash.
The ecology of food and medicine plants and their gathering sites as defined by Tl'azt'en Nation.
Study of mechanisms of methylmercury neurotoxicity and association with Parkinson's disease
Environmental values and beliefs in university students.
Organizing for sustainability at a small scale: A case study of an ecovillage.