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The reduction of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil under saline conditions using ultrasound.
Response to growth management planning in a rural region of British Columbia: a case study of the Cariboo Regional District
Remediation of Salt- and Petroleum Hydrocarbon- Contaminated Soils using Ultrasound and Soil Washing.
Changing contribution of snow to Hudson Bay river discharge
The removal of Cr (III) from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents by biosorbents from wood
Semi-industrial scale testing of biologically-induced copper heap leaching at Imperial Metals Corporation - Mount Polley Mine
Macrophyte-flow interactions in aquatic plants.
Evaluating the impacts of forest harvesting and natural disturbance events on sediment yields in small watersheds throughout British Columbia, Canada
Nitrogen inputs by biological soil crusts in grasslands of interior British Columbia.
The influence of historical forestry practices and climate on the sediment retention function of wetlands.
Suspended sediment flux downstream of the retreating Castle Creek Glacier, Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia.
Elemental sulfur amendment decreases bio-available Cr-VI in soils impacted by leather tanneries
Increased biogas production by anaerobic co-digestion of wastewater sludge with fruit and vegetable waste, and by sludge pre-treatment.
Sigma-point Kalman filter data assimilation methods for strongly nonlinear dynamical models.