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Of Cycles and Disturbances.
Living in colliding worlds: Exploring cultural tensions in "Three Day Road" and "Monkey Beach".
Hollow her out: Gendered corporeality and violence in Edna O'Brien's "Down by the River".
Distinguished cuisines: food, status, and the disintegration of character in high society youth fiction
Waking to T'imlax'aamit: Ground-truthing the Indigenous rainforests of British Columbia's North Coast.
In Singing, He Composed a Song.
Unbalancing Binaries: Re-thinking Lilith and Eve in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Christabel," Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market," and George MacDonald's "Lilith".
Pornography, panopticism and gender: off-scene masculinities in The Pornographer's Poem
Green Romanticism and Anna Jameson's feminist ecocriticism.
Sustainable appropriation: Consumption, advertising, and the (anti-) politics of (post-) environmentalism.
Andrew: a response to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's Venus in furs
Scripts for Misfits: A creative thesis comprised of short fiction.
Towards their own identity: Persons with disabilities in English Canadian fiction.
Animals are People Too: An Ecocritical Exploration of Fantasy in Environmental Children's Literature
Before and after: Spirit in the act of reading an exploration of John Green's "Looking for Alaska".
Unlocking the garden: motherhood in Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden
Surviving childhood trauma: First Nations novels and the Indian residential school
"Cartoons don't have any deep meaning...": "The Simpsons" and "King of the Hill" address American culture, imperialism and the 'shrinking globe'.
Out of here: Exploring locally regulated difference in contemporary novels of adolescence.
"Teachers aren't people... they're teachers": A comparative look at the effects of American teen television on Canadian national identity.