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Distribution of defects in a large software system
Design and implementation of virtual network testbeds for routing protocols
Chess software and its impact on chess players
An adaptive load sensing priority assignment protocol for distributed real-time database systems.
A basis for pronominal anaphora resolution using a model of working memory and long-term memory
A neural network model of the primary visual cortex.
Inverse scale invariant feature transform models for object recognition and image tagging.
A software framework for simulation studies of interaction models in agent teamwork.
Improving Sonar Sensor Fidelity in a Robot Simulator.
New watermarking methods for digital images.
A mutual assistance protocol for agent teamwork.
A security architecture for IPv6 enabled wireless medical sensor networks.
Experimental study of multi-level regional voting scheme and its application in human face recognition.
Embedding programming languages: Prolog in Haskell
A flexible simulation framework for processor scheduling algorithms in multicore systems.
Generation and analysis of realistic mobility models for mobile ad hoc networks.
A microworld model for multiagent computer-aided process planning.
Local feature based pattern classification: from principle to application