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Bridging the gap: a collaborative approach to developing an oral language program for early primary children
Disabling labeling : a social worker's response to attention deficit disorder
The Elmcrest Project: an evaluation of group therapeutic techniques in developing resiliency in children who have been exposed to women abuse in the home
When you come to a fork in the road take it : negotiating crisis and transition in a northern village
Stress management for young adolescent girls: strengthening connection in the school setting
Towards an air quality management strategy for the Prince George Region
An evaluation of the Healthy Beginnings pilot projects in central Vancouver Island
Peer mediation training for adolescents: an evaluation using a focus group interview
A summative evaluation of treatment for bulimia nervosa at the Prince George eating disorder clinic
Learning styles of adult upgrading students : performance using Plato software
Bill C-12 Employment Insurance Act : reduced benefits and diminished entitlements of the workforce in non-standard forms of employment
Early stage alzheimer's disease support and self-advocacy groups: empowerment within a disempowering disease process?
Canada and peacebuilding: human security in practice?
Portfolio evaluation in two English 12 classes
The internal motives and consequences of UN projects : evidence from the Tumen River area development programme
Discussion of ethical issues for counsellors as related to mandated reporting of child abuse
Professional burnout: a conceptual model
Common property : a tool for community development in British Columbia