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Honouring strength:  Overcoming addiction identities.
Addressing high-risk runaway youth: issues in collaboration, accountability, and risk-management
Community referrals: the experiences of youth forensic mental health therapists in Prince George
The lived experiences of "Camp Wives" in Northwestern BC
Reducing the recurrence of domestic abuse among male intimate partners: A case study of the PG Stop Violence program of the Northern John Howard Society.
Gifts, talents and challenges: Untapped potential of adults with FASD.
Clinical reflections: client directed outcome informed practice
Exploring the experiences and perceptions of precarious employment on subjective wellbeing among women aged 24-44 living in Northern BC
Women with developmental disabilities and sexual abuse : an analysis of the (draft) practice guidelines for Part 3 of the Adult Guardianship Act
Those who stay: a phenomenological exploration of staying as experienced by social workers in northern communities
Bill C-12 Employment Insurance Act : reduced benefits and diminished entitlements of the workforce in non-standard forms of employment
HIV+ Aboriginal women speak of experience and strength in a Northern context.
Journeys of disorientation & dislocation: Women/invisible dis/ability in and out of social work. A transdisciplinary exploration.
Cultural competency: a path to deliver healthcare to ethnic minority and aboriginal populations
Exploring kinship care: A newly recognized age-old practice.