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Anglophone Canadian-born working-class women in eldercare
After discharge from hospital, where do we go? Follow-up of clients with mental illness and/or addiction:  30 days post-acute care.
Gifts, talents and challenges: Untapped potential of adults with FASD.
Exploring depoliticization discourses of women's multiple caregiving roles: Implications of economic decline and public policy change for women in rural northern British Columbia.
Dementia and Northern caregiving.
When you come to a fork in the road take it : negotiating crisis and transition in a northern village
Expanding the social safety net through experiential learning: short term crisis intervention, looking beyond numbers
Women and youth of Wekweeti reveal the impacts of the diamond mines located in the Tlicho region.
Exploring gambling among seniors in rural British Columbia: sociodemographic and mental health correlates
Rainbow families: Cross-cultural adoption and the best interests of the child.
Moving forward with lessons from the past: An examination of kinship foster care in the Yukon.
Experiences of rural Newfoundland women: Partners working out West.
Pity or pedestal?: perceptions and practices of chronic disease and disability in hospital social work
Journey through the wilds: An autoethnography of the Camp Trapping experience.