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Routine physical activity and healthy pregnant women's self reports of psychological distress: a literature review
Nursing interventions in the prevention of febrile seizures
Optimizing adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy among marginalized, HIV-positive women with comorbid depression: the role of the nurse practitioner
Collaborative nurse practitioner and physician health care service provision for at-risk seniors in Fort St. John, B.C.
Clinical encounters in Canada's northern territories: implications for nurse practitioners working with aboriginal women to promote sexual health
 Effects of primary prevention on early childhood caries in Canadian First Nations children ages 0-4 years
Nurse practitioners: improving coronary heart disease management in South Asian Canadians
The role of the nurse practitioner in promoting a reduction in the causes and outcomes of problematic polypharmacy among nursing home residents in British Columbia
Shared decision making in primary care: barriers and facilitators of shared decision making in the context of decreasing the use of unnecessary antibiotics for preschool children ages 3-5 with upper respiratory tract infections
Food insecurity in aboriginal women living with HIV/AIDS: evidence-informed health promotion interventions for family nurse practitioner practice
Supporting informal caregivers through the dementia journey: a primary care approach
Collaboration in a primary care setting: strategies for a family nurse practitioner caring for the frail older adult
The role of nurse practitioners in outreach services and facilitating access for marginalized adult women in British Columbia
The influence of osteoporosis education and bone mineral density testing on calcium intake and exercise in young postmenopausal women
The family nurse practitioner role in improving health care for the person over 70 years of age with chronic nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: the exploration of anticoagulation therapy
Primary care considerations of miscarriage management
Screening for androgen deprivation therapy related side effects in men with prostate cancer
Reducing barriers to accessing primary care for individuals with severe mental illness: examining characteristics of Canadian nurse practitioner practice
Group appointments & lifestyle coaching to reduce complications of type 2 diabetes in primary care settings
Effectiveness of physical activity interventions in primary care settings: an integrative litterature review