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Improving assessment of perinatal depression in adolescents: an integrative literature review
The relationship between hemodialysis patients' fluid compliance and selected socio-demographic factors in Northern Alberta, Canada
The experiences of emergency nurses working during situations of crowding
Family presence during resuscitation: nurses' opinions and perceptions
Rural acute care nursing in British Columbia and Alberta: An interpretive description of professionalism.
Addressing quality of worklife: Examining horizontal workplace bullying behaviors in nursing.
It's complicated: staff nurse perceptions of their influence on nursing students' learning
Anemia management protocols in the care of hemodialysis patients: Examining patient outcomes.
Being there and being with families: Family understandings of public health nurse-family relationships.
Primary care management of childhood asthma: addressing caregiver quality of life using asthma action plans with preschool-aged children
The role of the nurse practitioner in promoting a reduction in the causes and outcomes of problematic polypharmacy among nursing home residents in British Columbia
Primary care considerations of miscarriage management
Supporting informal caregivers through the dementia journey: a primary care approach
Shared decision making in primary care: barriers and facilitators of shared decision making in the context of decreasing the use of unnecessary antibiotics for preschool children ages 3-5 with upper respiratory tract infections
Effectiveness of physical activity interventions in primary care settings: an integrative litterature review
The role of nurse practitioners in primary care in optimizing risk stratification for coronary heart disease in Canadian women: an integrative review
The utilization of behavioural counselling for hypertension within a primary care context
Addressing chlamydia in middle aged and older women in rural and northern British Columbia
Collaboration in a primary care setting: strategies for a family nurse practitioner caring for the frail older adult
Promoting self-care for the patient with diabetes and depression: an integrative literature review