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A look inside the garbage can: assessing the sustainability and waste management efforts in the 2015 Prince George Canada Winter Games
The applicability of unit pricing for municipal waste management in China: case study of Shijiazhuang
Investigating the benefits and impacts of tourism development for the Tl'azt'en First Nation in northern British Columbia.
Wooden frame:  Source use in newspaper coverage of the Canada/United States softwood lumber dispute.
Wood-based biofuel options to create zero-fossil fuel district heating systems
You want me to grow trees? The social implications of biomass crops on the resilience of Quesnel, British Columbia.
Farmland protection in British Columbia: an evaluation of the Agricultural Land Commission's application process and its impact on long-range agricultural land use planning
The distribution of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) and moose (Alces alces) in the Fort St. James Region of Northern British Columbia, 1800-1950.
Forest values surrounding ancient cedar stands in British Columbia's Inland Temperate Rainforest.
Community participation in biodiversity conservation in Nepal.
Disablement in Prince George, BC: A qualitative, holistic and participatory exploration.
Dams, Displacement, and Perceptions of Development: A Case from Rio Negro, Guatemala.
Export barriers to the Chinese market: Insights from British Columbia forest products firms.
Environmental values and beliefs in university students.
Environmental justice in Canada: An application to a First Nations' struggle to protect caribou from coal mining in northeast British Columbia.
Building consultation from the bottom up: A case study of the North Yukon.
Come out and play! Exploring the landscapes of free-play in Prince George, British Columbia.