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The untold story: The role of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Canadian foreign intelligence.
Economic restructuring gender and grassroots development in Mexico
Amplifying voices of development: Insights from Indigenous Maya leaders of El Quiche, Guatemala.
Biological weapons: a plague upon all our houses - strengthening the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention
Assessing Pro-Poor Tourism principles in practice:  Ethnic tourism in northern Thailand and Lao PDR.
Canada and failed states:  Foreign policy under the Martin Government, 2003--2006.
Governance of microfinance institutions (MFIs): A case study of Bangladesh.
Do protected areas support cultural survival?: examining the characteristics of modern protected areas
Microfinance and micro-enterprises: A study of the Kudumbashree Program in Kerala, India.
A sky-high challenge: The carbon footprint of aviation in British Columbia, Canada, and measures to mitigate it.
Child slavery and corruption in West Africa: an Ivorian case study
An analysis of China's entry into the WTO on the Chinese economy
Global to local:  International conferences and environmental education in the People's Republic of China.