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Alive moments as an invitation to spiritual discourse: co-research between client, therapist, and consultant within ongoing therapy
Cognitive analysis of an autoethnography
Family group counselling manual: emotional well-being for famlies supporting children with autism spectrum disorder
Self-presentation in the online dating environment.
Trauma-informed practice: overarching themes and patterns in becoming trauma-informed
Experiences of engaging in Archetypal Dreamwork
Discovering a relationship: adolescents' insights into the counselling relationship in a secondary school setting
Programming with intention: fostering positive youth development through recreation
An exploration of young adult women's experiences of using physical aggression in intimate relationships: A phenomenological study.
Single mothers living in a small northern community: their stories and their experiences
A manual of best practice for counsellors working with adolescents who self-injure
Revitalizing schools through generative learning: an appreciative approach to school reform