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Elementary school counsellors' perceptions of their role with families
Using dialectical behaviour therapy to treat clients with left temporal lobe epilepsy
Adolescent perception of fun in learning decision making skills
Self-care: a positive College of Arts, Social and Health Sciences~ approach to vicarious traumatization and personal growth
Revitalizing schools through generative learning: an appreciative approach to school reform
An exploration of young adult women's experiences of using physical aggression in intimate relationships: A phenomenological study.
In relationship: An illustrated autoethnography of counsellor identity development.
A CBT based group for individuals with a sexual addiction
An examination of the relationship between coping with stress and alcoholism in adult children of alcoholics
A manual of best practice for counsellors working with adolescents who self-injure
Single mothers living in a small northern community: their stories and their experiences
Exploring the connection between parental trait anxiety and adolescent emotional intelligence.
Integrated case management : a preliminary study to determine what helps and what hinders - the parent perspective
Experiences of demonstrating care to youth using non-erotic touch